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SO HAPPY WITH THE NEW MANAGEMENT! Talk about a night a day difference between the previous management and the new management company, the property managers and staff especially. We have lived here for the past year and were anxious when our lease was up and had decided that we were NOT going to stay due to the inhospitable experiences we had with the front desk and the way the property was kept up. However, our lease was up right around the time the new management took over, we decided to go month-to-month and give the new owners a chance. We have since renewed our lease. We are so glad we stayed! I told Ryan, the property manager, within his first week that I felt such a positive customer service shift. The employees working truly like people, working with people and care for their experiences at the Retreat. I have seen a change of "things getting done" and just a genuine feeling of being welcomed. The property is located in a wonderful location, next to many of hiking trails and outdoor opportunities. The clubhouse is welcoming and has become our "second home" with the gym and pool facilities. The only things that I wish The Retreat had was a playground for children and a recycling station. However, when it comes to how I felt a year ago and to how I feel now living here...such a huge improvement. We are here until we are able to move into a house here in Colorado Springs... I will say, I will now be sad the day we move out.


NEW MANAGEMENT! My husband and I have lived here since August 2013 and this is by far the BEST management we have had to deal with. We were considering leaving when our lease was up, however I met Ryan and Kaitlyn the new managers who insisted on having us stay. They were so sincere and straight forward. We could tell a lot of great things were starting to come our way just seeing how they made us feel, compared to the old management. The parking lots and grass areas are way cleaner, they accept checks by hand, they are not sneaky and everyone is so much nicer! We loved these apartments for the location, but having to work with people who actually want to change things around is awesome! They also informed us about the start of there remodeling process which is gorgeous and exciting! We will continue our stay here and are looking forward to these new changes! :)


Beautiful area great apartment for the price. Love how landscaping is always taken care of. The people there are friendly and the maintenance staff is wonderful and prompt.Allows pets for a reasonable price, and is in a safe neighborhood. Also includes all necessary appliances like washer and dryer.


This is a wonderful apartment complex. I lived here for a year and loved it. The grounds are well-maintained, the apartments are very nice, it's in a convenient location, and the views are stunning. Staff is always friendly and welcoming. I would highly recommend these apartments!


My husband and I lived there for 4 years, though there were some irritating problems throughout the complex. Over all it was a nice place to live with a great view. Yes, like the other reviews said...the gates rarely worked in the four years we lived there and at one point one of our cars were broken into. In the summer, the water portion of the rent is a bit higher than it should be because the sprinklers are on ALL THE TIME (even raining). The maintenance guys would come and check what was fixed, but if a part was needed it would go unfinished until we would call again. For example, our garbage disposal broke they came in and said they would have to order the part and they never returned. We moved and it still was not fixed. Students from the high school across the street would roam the complex on their lunch hour...doing God knows what because the gates remained open. The view isn't the only good thing about this place. The people are all quiet and mostly military. We had no problems living in our complex. The people below us and next to us were all quiet or would make us aware of any get togethers they were having and until what time. Just like any apartment complex, The Retreat has its issues, but making them aware of the issues will help fix those errors.


I have only lived here for a short time but the leasing office staff is very nice and helpful and the small maintenance issue I had was taken care of very quickly. The area is beautiful and it's really close to biking/hiking trails...very happy to be living here!


Just a few tips for those visiting their loved ones here. 1) The tap means what it says. Cold sink water will wake you from a dead sleep, hot can poach an...

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